The following is a brief timeline of what to expect during the different phases of your building project. While all projects present their own challenges, we try to follow this timeline to assure continuity in the project.

Step 1

Initial Meeting

This is usually done in our office or in your current home. During this meeting, we gather information and any drawings you might have. This is a good time to be general about the project and to inform us of particular things you might want to include. At this time we also inquire about what budget you may have in mind, and also offer our Financing Program.

Our financing is offered through Synchrony Bank and enables you to obtain a revolving credit line to fund, or help fund your project. We are proud to offer low promotional APR’s to our clients.

Step 2

Initial Proposal Planning

During this time, we are assessing the plans you gave us along with some of the items we may have discussed during our initial meeting.
We try to assign a rough figure to see if we can meet your budgetary requirements and are able to move forward with the project.

We also allow some of our trade partners to look over the information and gather their input for pricing as well.

Step 3

Project Meeting

At this meeting, we try to present to you a rough price, address some concerns we might have with the project, and most importantly answer any questions you might have regarding our pricing and methods.

While we will give you a great deal of information at this meeting, it is actually designed to allow you to ask as many questions as is necessary to make you feel confident we have addressed all of your needs with our scope and pricing.

Step 4

Contract Preparation and Execution

If after the project meeting you feel confident with our abilities, and we are within the budget you have established, we will begin to prepare a contract for your project. This might take some time as we want to make sure that all facets of the build are contained in this contract. Also, a breakdown of pricing and draws will be established to fund the project.

Once the contract preparation is complete, you will be contacted to execute the contract and submit the initial deposit.

After these steps have been completed, the project itself will then follow its own scope and itinerary
which will be presented to you.