The company started out on a very small scale focusing on small residential remodeling projects such as floor replacement, cabinet replacement, and other types of residential projects. Since that time, not only has the company grown in terms of size, it has also grown as far as the scope of projects it undertakes.

Our Services

Hamilton Contractors was created due to the success and growth of the company in the areas where we excel in the commercial building trade. These areas are foremost church restoration and general construction.
At this time, the portfolio of the company is entirely focused on commercial, church, and large-scale building projects.

Our Service Areas

With this growth and expansion, the company has been able to pursue projects of a much larger nature. Hamilton Contractors has developed relationships with other trades in the central Ohio area.
The development of these professional relationships has also allowed the company to undertake more projects in a complete general contractor fashion. This enables the company to bring in experts from different trades to complete large scale projects.

Alternative Building Techniques

Hamilton Contractors had the privilege of introducing alternative building techniques to the local market as well. In the spring of 2016, partnering with local media and architecture firms, the company produced the first home in the area built completely out of over- seas shipping containers.

Award Winning Projects

We have been honored to receive several awards for technology, engineering, and education regarding this project.

Through growth, networking, research, and development Hamilton Contractors has proven in the past and will continue to prove that it is more than capable of completing projects that prove to be a challenge.

Meet Our Team

Bryan - President

My name is Bryan Hamilton and I have a beautiful wife named Bridget. I have three wonderful children named Jacob, Annamarie and Gabriel. Along with being a family man, I am also the founder of Hamilton. When I was growing up I always wanted to become a Columbus Police Officer, and I was on that path until I started working at Holy Family Catholic Church as the project manager. At Holy Family, my job was to oversee all projects from events, to building projects. I managed many events and various construction projects while I was working there. Doing that job made me realize I wanted to start a company of my own, and the idea of Hamilton came about.

Erin - Office Manager

My name is Erin Bennett, I'm happily married to my husband Chris and have a wonderful son, Killian. I am an experienced Office Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Skilled in Budgeting, Microsoft Word, Sales, Maintenance & Repair, and Account Management. Strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Junior High/Intermediate/Middle School Education and Teaching from The Ohio State University.

Shawn Golden - KJG Consulting

KJG Consulting is proud to partner with Hamilton Contractors offering document generation, business planning and strategic implementation services. KJG also assists daily with operations and logistics. With over 20 years of experience in these fields, we feel we can help to create an enhanced consumer experience for the clients of Hamilton Contractors.